Three Places To Use Cast Bronze Plaques

Posted on: 23 August 2023

When you think of a cast bronze plaque, there's a good chance that you might picture this type of signage appearing on a building. Many people use these plaques on buildings in all sorts of ways, including designating a particular building as a historic site, identifying buildings on campus, and more. While cast bronze plaques are useful on buildings, they can also work well in a number of other areas. Speak to a company that produces these plaques to learn more about how and where you can use them. Here are some places, other than buildings, where cast bronze plaques can work well.


Memorial benches are common in many areas, including local parks, business campuses, and even in peoples' yards. These benches feature some type of signage to honor the person who has passed away. If you're planning a memorial bench, you want it to have a stylish look. A small cast bronze plaque on the back of the bench can provide the person's name, their years of birth and death, and perhaps some other important detail. The cast bronze look offers a high-end style that will make the bench feel more special than using a plastic plaque.


People put plaques on large rocks for all sorts of reasons. A plaque in this location can serve as a memorial, but it can also provide identifying information about the area. You'll see plaques on rocks in cemeteries, parks, campuses, and other areas, and bronze plaques are extremely common in this application. The look of the bronze works well with the rock. Both are sturdy materials that will stand the test of time. The large size of the rock gives you the opportunity to have the bronze plaque be as large as you want. A large plaque can hold all sorts of useful information for people to read.


While you don't typically want to affix a plaque directly to a tree in case doing so might damage it, you may like the idea of mounting a bronze plaque somewhere at the base of a tree. You might put this plaque on a wooden signpost, on a granite slab in the ground, or use it in other ways. People frequently use these plaques when they plant trees in memory of someone who has passed away. Or, if you're creating a botanical garden in your community, you might like the idea of using stylish bronze plaques to identify the trees.