The Benefits Of Using Laser Cutting Instead Of Cutting With A Tool By Hand

Posted on: 30 September 2021

Do you regularly cut metal or any other material into the same shape or size as part of your production process? If you are still using a saw or any other type of hand tool to cut the materials by hand, you might not be cutting with the consistency and precision that you could be. Today, more and more companies like yours are making an investment to get started with laser cutting in order to create a more reliable and consistent product for their customers. Here's how laser cutting works and why it might be the right choice for your company and your products.

Vaporization Via Laser Leaves Little to No Waste Behind

The laser cutting process typically involves using a computer to guide a laser into a precise position as materials either move down a conveyer belt or are placed onto a cutting board by an employee. When the laser activates, it cuts through the metal or other material by instantly vaporizing whatever it comes into contact with. 

This vaporization leaves little to no waste and provides a clean, smooth edge that will require little additional work. Compare that with a saw or another hand tool that might send little bits of metal or wood flying as the employee moves it back and forth, creating an edge that's not as smooth and also possibly sending some debris into your shop that will take time to clean up.

A Laser Can Be Precisely Positioned By Computer for the Perfect Cut

Because a laser cutter is guided by computer, it will begin and end the cut at the same exact spot every single time. The actual cut will be perfectly straight or will go in the precise direction you want it to across every single millimeter of the material. Precise cuts every time will eliminate human error, meaning you will waste fewer materials from having to start over. You can save money in expenses because your material stack will last longer if every single sheet eventually turns into a product and nothing gets thrown out during quality control.

Laser Cutting With a Computer Will Give You the Same Cut Every Time

The precision that laser cutters provide also creates a more reliable product for your customers and increases customer satisfaction. With little variance from product to product, your customers can continue to order from you with the confidence of knowing that the next product they order will look exactly the same as the one they ordered before. You'll have fewer returns to deal with as well because the product will ship to the customer looking exactly as it is expected to.