Simple Strategies That Can Make Your Warehouse Environment Safer

Posted on: 7 August 2015

If you own or operate a busy warehouse, you likely spend a great deal of time ensuring that the day-to-day operations run smoothly. The demands of the job could be distracting you from potential problems that could cause workplace injuries to occur. There are a few immediate actions you can take to protect your employees. First you must identify common warehouse problems that can cause injuries.  


Forklift accidents can occur due to blind spots, crowded aisles, improper operation of forklifts, and workers walking in an area where a forklift is being operated. You can prevent these accidents by making aisles wider.

It is also wise to paint markings on your warehouse floor. For example, red lane markings could be used to let workers walking throughout the facility know that the designated area is only for forklifts, and yellow lanes could be used to for workers to safely walk. You can also put up signs in areas where forklifts are being used. 

Ensure that all forklifts have working horns or similar alerts as well as working lights on them. This aids in ensuring that workers know when a forklift is nearby. Inspecting forklifts, having them serviced, and ensuring that forklift operators are properly trained according to industry standards will also make your warehouse safer. 

Physical Exertion Injuries

Ensure that your employees have access to work equipment that is ergonomic. For example, you could provide back braces to employees who have to lift heavy items, you could also provide wrist supports for employees who perform repetitive actions involving their hands and wrists. 

You can help your workers avoid physical exertion injuries by ensuring that they know the proper methods of completing their work. For example, a back injury could occur if a worker who has to bend over and lift frequently has not received proper training on the correct way to maneuver their body. 

Consider implementing more automated processes to increase productivity and prevent overexertion. For example, having a pallet wrapper machine in your warehouse would aid in reducing physical exertion since workers would not have to manually wrap pallets, and the process of wrapping pallets would be faster than hand wrapping.    

Trip and Fall Hazards

Keep cords from running across floors. In the event that an employee needs to use an extension cord or plug in a fan, mark the area with a warning sign. Also, advise employees to unplug these, and put them away after they use them. 

Ensure that spills are cleaned up immediately even if it causes a temporary halt on production. Mark the area with a wet floor caution sign. Keep in mind that spills with an oily consistency may need to be cleaned with a degreaser, because regular mopping could leave behind residual oil, which can still result in a slip.