How Metal Fabricators Can Benefit From EDM Manufacturing Services

Posted on: 26 July 2019

If you're a metal fabricator and tend to work on unique projects for various clients, complex cuts may be involved. If they are, you should consider EDM manufacturing services. They can benefit your operations in the following ways. 

Create Complex Shapes

If a client is wanting something pretty unique as far as the shape of their metal materials goes, traditional cutting methods often won't work out in your favor. Instead, you'll need to rely on EDM manufacturing services. The machines involved in these applications have the ability to make precise and unique cuts. You can thus get complex shapes out of your metal materials. This wouldn't be possible with traditional cutting methods.

Even though these shapes may be complex, EDM services don't take long to complete. That's because the machines are extremely efficient and often automated, which takes away a lot of human involvement. 

Optimal For Weak Materials

There will be times when your clients want you to manipulate weak metal pieces, such as thin sheet metal. One wrong cut or too much pressure will ruin your materials completely. You can avoid this problem when you utilize EDM manufacturing, though.

These cutting services can make precise cuts, but even more importantly, there is no contact between the cutting machine and the metal materials being customized. What this means is no pressure applied to your materials. So no matter how fragile or weak your metal materials are, they won't be compromised during the cutting application. This is so important for avoiding making costly mistakes and wasting materials. 

Polishing Isn't Always Required 

When you finish manipulating metal with traditional cutting methods, there may be a lot of scuff marks and blemishes present. You don't want these at all, so you must then put a lot of time into polishing. This is not ideal if you're on a tight deadline.

To circumvent this dilemma, just rely on EDM manufacturing services. Since the machines involved make precise cuts, there won't be a lot of imperfections in your metal materials. You can thus likely avoid any polishing. Your materials will come out nearly flawless on a consistent basis.

Manipulating the shape and dimensions of metal materials often involves a lot of time and effort. To take this pressure off your shoulders, you can rely on EDM manufacturing from time to time. It offers so many benefits and can take your custom metal operations to the next level.